General Contracting

General Contracting Services

Overseeing Additions, Upgrades & New Construction

A lot of construction projects require multiple specialists and contractors. By hiring FM Multiprojects as your general contractors, we take care of hiring, supplying, and overseeing these specialists for you. As experienced and knowledgeable general contractors, we know what it takes to ensure your job site is clean, efficient, and productive. Our bold and innovative leadership sets a great example for all other contractors, and our expertise brings a high standard of quality to your job site.

Projects Tailored to Fit Your Needs

Every project and job site is different and requires a personalized approach to effectively oversee. Our general contractors work with you to determine the best outcomes, and hire, oversee, and supply the right team to bring that vision to life. We partner with quality material suppliers to make sure your project is constructed on the best possible foundation, and with over a decade of service, we’ve developed a pool of skilled and experienced contractors that we enlist to deliver fantastic results.

Our General Contractors Provide Your Project With:

  • Materials

  • Labor

  • Equipment, vehicles, and tools

  • Scheduling and payroll services

  • Quality control

  • Safety oversight

  • Record-keeping

  • And more

We Know What It Takes to Get the Job Done Right

General contracting is not a field for amateurs. When you’re looking for someone to handle your project, trust a team with extensive knowledge, skill, and experience. Since 2008, our project managers have over years of combined experience as general contractors, so you can rely on us to adapt to your needs and see your project through to completion.

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